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About Festi Ramadan

Festi Ramadan, which has been the biggest Ramadan event in Europe for 10 years, will once again leave a magical excitement in the hearts of people, joy and happiness in their heartbeats.

Festi Ramadan is a great excitement that enlightens our horizons and embraces all the colors, hopes and desires of Anatolia, which was visited by hundreds of thousands of people at the Festi Ramadan, which was organized for the first time in 2012, just like the Musas who saw the light on the mountain of Tur.

Every year during Ramadan, we are proud and honored to carry our Anatolia in Dortmund, on 100 decares of land for 30 days, and organize the thematic stands of our cultural heritage with spiritual programs, seminars, colorful events with great enthusiasm and excitement.

Peace, Love and Culture Festival

Undoubtedly, in one way or another, to provide this service to its nation, country, people, and to carry our culture to the next generations only this month, to introduce our culture to our German neighbors in Germany, our second homeland, to provide unity and solidarity to benefit integration. should do things. May your Festi Ramadan be good …

Festi Ramadan 3D Originally on the internet

In 2021, we took our place as Festi Ramazan with the Festi Event virtual fairground service. Virtual Fairground will be at your service every year when Festi Ramadan events start.

Festi Ramadan has a place for all colors, entertainment and festivals of Ramadan. Rare examples of our cultural heritage, from the unique flavors of Anatolia to traditional handicrafts, are exhibited in 120 thematic stands.

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Milyonlarca Ziyaretçi

Festi Ramadan Events is a huge organization hosting millions of visitors, thousands of artists, products and services from hundreds of sectors with its rich content.

Special Ramadan festival for children

Special programs for children are organized every day during Ramadan at the Festi Ramadan. Expatriates living in Germany with Karagöz-Hacivat and puppet shows as part of the festivities enjoy the joy of Ramadan together.

We endeavor to organize special events for children in order to tell our children about the month of Ramadan and to make them feel spiritual. We instill in our children the atmosphere full of love, peace and abundance of the month of Ramadan.

Yaşayan Kültürel Mirasımız

Anadolu’nun binlerce yıllık kadim tarihinden süzülerek gelen zengin mirası, gelenekleri, mehteranı, musikisi, bizzat ustalarının elinde şekil bulan el emeği göz nuru eserleri Festi Ramazan’da sizi bekliyor.

El emeği göz nuru eserler
Medeniyetimizin zarafetini taşıyan, hat, tezhip, ebru ve geleneksel Türk el sanatları… Festi Ramazan, kültürel mirasımızın müstesna örneklerine tanıklık etme fırsatı sunuyor.

A pleasant sada in the dome: Turkish Music

Turkish Music, which is tapered through the strainer of centuries; Festi is at Ramadan for those who want to purify their soul with what, and with the law …

Anatolian Wind in Germany
The Anatolian wind blows in Germany with the Local Games and folklore performances. The zeybeks of Aydın, the followers of Ankara, the Dadaş of Erzurum… Festi meets in Ramadan.

Poetic flavors of Anatolia

Anatolian cuisine; Like an art workshop, like a poem, like a song, like our folk songs… Wherever we are, a longing for a silage fills us with the fragrance of tarhana, casserole, pastrami and corn bread. in…

30 days Festi Ramadan

In Festiramazan, which is open until dawn for 30 days during Ramadan, spiritual programs, seminars and colorful events are held. In the festival area, where 10 thousand people can have iftar at the same time, there is a funfair for children, a cafeteria for 1000 people and a masjid.