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What is there for the visitors?

In traditional Festi Ramadan organizations, visitors could buy many different events, products and services. In the same way, many services and events are offered to visitors in the virtual fair area. INTERACTIVE VIRTUAL TENTS Festi Ramazan Virtual visitors can have live meetings with the operators in the internative tents located in the virtual fair area. [...]

How can I visit the fair?

The Festi Ramazan Virtual Virtual Fair area can be easily visited on the web, on a mobile device or on a computer. Festi Ramadan, Festi Event, Android-Based Mobile Devices, IOS-based mobile devices, Windows Computers, browsers or applications can be used to enter the fair area. The fairground has been carefully designed so that our visitors […]


When will the virtual fair be opened?

When will the virtual fair be opened? Virtual fair will officially be opened on the first day of Ramadan on April 13th. Currently, arrangements are made for renovation and commercial ventures in the area that can be visited. Festi Ramadan Virtual, which will give visitors good moments with different surprises every day during the month [...]

How to Rent Billboard?

Sponsors can reach hundreds of thousands of visitors from the billboards we create in the virtual fairground for commercial enterprises. With the 3 million visitors we target, we aim for the brands that support us to benefit in the best way possible. You need to contact Festi Event to deliver your brand's advertisements and announcements [...]

How to Rent a Tent?

It is very easy to rent a tent in the Festi Ramazan Virtual fair area. You can create a record by following the links in the menu to manage the content of the tent in the Virtual Tent management panel. Our virtual fair application, which can be considered as a new experience for businesses and […]


What is Festi Ramazan Virtual?

Organized for the first time in 2012 in Germany, Festi Ramadan was regularly opened to the citizens of the month of Ramadan every year. The organization, which has continued for 9 years, has attracted great attention and has become traditional. Festi Ramazan Virtual could not be held in 2020 due to the pandemic that affected [...]